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The Vallee du Giffre has a large area for the practice of skiing.

Located at 1,700 meters alitude the Joux Plane site sets up 7 cross country ski slopes when the snow is not enough in the valley. The green slope to the red slope, this Nordic skiing offer is available to all in a frame breathtaking panorama with views of the Mont Blanc.

When there's enough snow in the valley, the slopes are drawn from Morillon to Sixt Fer-a-Cheval through Samoëns. For a total of nearly 40 km, these slopes borrow paths and undergrowth and to discover the Vallée du Giffre in peace. The slopes run along the campsite of Samoëns, it is possible to ski from there to the foot.


Rates 2022-23

More 22 years
From 16 to 21 ans
From 5 to 15 ans
Session ski pass 9.00 € 7.00 € 4.50 €
Week Ski pass 38 € 30 € 19 €

Access to the slopes is free for children under 6 years.

Nordic shuttle

Nordic shuttle allows any pedestrian to move in the Vallee du Giffre, the cost is € 6 one round trip. However, people from cross-country ski priority and its use is free upon presentation of a valid pass.

The operation of the bus depends on the snow and therefore the opening of the slopes that follows:

  • If all the valley slopes are open, the line Vallee du Giffre is open everyday of the week except weekends
  • If only the slopes of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval in valley are open, the slopes are traced Joux Plane and the shuttle will take you there Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for online Vallée du Giffre
  • If there is the Joux Plane slopes that are open, only this line is open but every day of the week except weekends.

Shuttle timetables Samoëns Joux Plane

GME Fer à Cheval
8:50 9:20
9:20 9:50
13:11 13:41
Fer à Cheval GME
12:00 12:30
13:41 14:11
16:30 17:00

Shuttle timetables Samoëns Joux Plane

GME OT Samoëns Joux Plane
8:30 * 8:35 * 9:10 *
9:00   9:05   9:40  
11:15   11:20   11:55  
12:00 * 12:05 * 12:40 *
13:30   13:35   14:10  
Joux Plane OT Samoëns GME
9:10 * 9:45 * 9:50 *
9:40   10:15   10:20  
11:55   12:30   12:35  
12:40 * 13:15 * 13:20 *
14:10   14:45   14:50  
15:30   16:05   16:10  
15:40 * 16:15 * 16:20 *
16:50   17:25   17:30  
16:55 * 17:30 * 17:35 *
* Only during the Christmas and February holidays

Activities in Samoëns

Cross country skiing

Samoëns has two sites where you can practice cross-country skiing: in the valley if snow conditions permit or in the area of the Joux Plane.
All the slopes are located in natural corners and removed from any crowd, one can thus appreciate the calm and the beauty of our region.



The recent skating rink of Samoëns is an outdoor and covered skating rink. Compliant to host competitions, galas or shows, it is also open to the public to discover the joys of ice sliding.



Just like hiking trails in summer, there is no shortage of snowshoe trails in Samoëns. Our guide will invite you free to discover our region through a framed output.